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little odes

2024   installation view  ︎︎︎ Prospects at Art Rotterdam (NL) organised by Mondriaan Fonds.
46 drawings; graphite and coloured pencil on transparent paper, mild steel beams, aluminium magnets. Steel bookstand; accompanying handout offset printed in metallic silver. Fabrication of custom hanging system and bookstand by Harriet Rose Morley, publication design by Pablo Perez.
[research, archive, homage]

photos by Ariane Toussaint

everything leans

2023   installation view  ︎︎︎ Light shine glimmer – Leak spill shimmer at Alternative Space LOOP (Seoul, KOR) ; collaboration with Lucy Cordes Engelman ;
looped 3-channel video projection, raw silk hanging fabric; featuring 3-channel audio notes and 1-channel musical soundscape by Biba Cole
[moving image, expanded cinema, homage]

photos courtesy of Alt. space LOOP

inherited pains (sketch for my gasping stomach)

2022   installation for  ︎︎︎  Bermuda Open Studios ; featuring film stills, drawings and research material
[research, moving image, studio]

i’ve to think not twice, but twice twice

2022   installation view  ︎︎︎ Positions: Time-Based at Stroom, Den Haag ; looped 2-channel video projection, chiffon curtains, curved walls
[archive, moving image, expanded cinema]

photos by Rowan Moonlion

katrina’s room: moonbeams, to negotiate a better arrangement

2020   installation views Heden Galerie &  ︎︎︎ The Pole ; predella of 5 exposures: digital print on synthetic mesh, 130 x 98 cm each
[reference, self-portraiture]

photos courtesy of Heden Galerie (left) & Katrina Neibergal (right)

where the voices go, hectic with sun

2020   installation view KABK graduation show ; looped projection onto transparent mesh screen, cheesecloth, cushions
[women artists, reference, expanded cinema]

now dark, now luminous, a shivering premonition

2019   textile installation displayed at  ︎︎︎ 1646 ; photographic exposures, video stills, text messages, thread, found images, acetate film prints, backdrop support, 266 x 166 cm
[self-portraiture, reference, text]

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