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heavenly & harrowing

2023   forthcoming experimental film shot on super 8mm ; in collaboration with Lucy Cordes-Engelman
[reference, moving image]

inherited pains (sketch for my gasping stomach)

2022   00:01:00, super 8mm transferred to HD, drawings on acetate prints, colour, sound, 4:3
[moving image]

i’ve to think not twice, but twice twice

2022   00:18:19, mini DV transferred to HD, colour, sound, 8:3
[archive, moving image]

the butterfly dream

2021   00:18:02 ; digital video, archival footage, screen recording; colour, silent, 124 x 58 mm
[moving image, text, archive]

where the voices go, hectic with sun

2020   00:19:16 ; digital video & mini DV transferred to HD ; colour, sound, 4:3
[women artists, reference, moving image]

self-portraits as the reclining woman who dreams

2018-2019   series of 14 video sketches ; photographic exposures & screen recordings
[performance for the camera, self-portraiture, moving image]

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